Who we are

Founded in 2008, Yes is a 100% Brazilian company, born with the purpose of improving ANIMAL WELFARE, FOOD SAFETY and SUSTAINABILITY, through natural additives that replace antibiotics, thus promoting animal health and nutrition.

Since 2016 the company is part of the Aqua Capital Investment fund, whose focus is on the expansion of medium-sized companies within the agribusiness value chain in Brazil and South America.

We currently export to more than 30 countries with products that comply with the strictest world markets laws.

Learn about our solutions

YesSinergy has a complete portfolio of solutions that promote
health and food security to small and large productions.
We work with focus on constant innovation, promoting frequent
product launches for the animal nutrition market segment.
We offer solutions with selected nutrients that meet all needs,
both for high performance animals in production and even for domestic animals.
We go deep into science to guarantee the maximum return on production
through natural, sustainable and antibiotic-free products.


We are guided by many values, but some of them
make us go further. This is how we plant innovation, generate sustainability and harvest our future.

The challenges of nutrition grow bigger each day, as does the world’s population, leading to a global scale increase in the need for more protein. Yes was created in this century with the perspective of innovatively responding to the needs of this era.


Thanks to the constant investment in studies and research, we manufacture products with high bioavailability and effectiveness for the animal welfare. We develop innovative solutions that replace growth promoter antibiotics, promote the balance of intestinal microbiota, prevent the harmful effects of mycotoxins, control the contamination of Salmonella and E. coli and promote the immunomodulation of animals.


As a consequence of a high investment in production structures, processes improvements, raw material selection and specialized workforce, we have been awarded the main national and international certifications that guarantee the safety and traceability of our products.


Our products are manufactured using sustainable production practices, thereby we generate the least possible environmental impact and ensure biodiversity. We work with raw materials of renewable sources (sugar cane, soy amino acids), and we use organic sources of energy and steam that reduce damage to the ozone layer.

We have the Green Patent seal for the production of Organic Minerals, which includes companies that use natural raw materials and environment-friendly technology.