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GLUCAN MOS is a prebiotic feed additive composed of specific fractions from the yeast cell wall. It contains 1,3-1,6-β-glucans and mannanoligosaccharides (MOS) derivative microparticles resulting from enzymatic hydrolysis, which increases their molecular activity.


• It helps promote beneficial intestinal microbiota: mannans serve as a substrate for beneficial bacteria, which increases the production of shortchain fatty acids. These compounds reduce intestinal lumen pH and, along with other antibacterial substances and enzymes produced by the same microbiota and increased competitive exclusion, inhibit the development of pathogenic microorganisms, such as E. coli and Salmonella.

• It agglutinates pathogenic bacteria with Type 1 fimbriae: bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella bind to mannans and the resulting complex is excreted in the feces because these microorganisms do not attach to the intestinal epithelium.

• It has immunomodulatory effects: 1,3-1,6-β-glucans modulate the immune system through specific interactions with many non-immunocompromised cells, which enhances the immune response and makes the animals more resistant to the pathogens.

• It helps control mycotoxins: 1,3-1,6-β-glucans bind to the mycotoxins through hydrogen and van der Waals bonds, which prevents them from being absorbed by the animal body.


• β-glucans 300.00 g/kg
• Mannan-oligosaccharides
120.00 g/kg
• Glucomannans
420.00 g/kg




Use according to the instructions of the technician responsible or as suggested below:
• From 1 to 2 kg/ton of feed or 30 g per animal/day.
Additives should be mixed with feed before use in order to ensure a homogeneous blend of the final product.


Plastic containers of 2 kg and bags of 25 kg

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