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YES-FIX R is a broad-spectrum mycotoxin adsorbent composed of active phosphorylated 1,3-1,6-β-glucans (extracted from the yeast cell wall [Saccharomyces cerevisiae]), polycationic bentonite, activated charcoal, silymarin, and organic selenium.
Silymarin acts as liver protectant that not only prevents the lipid peroxidation of hepatocyte membranes and organelles, but also helps regenerate the liver tissue, thus supporting liver health and function.
Selenium is an essential trace element that is an integral part of many proteins, including glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px), an enzyme of the antioxidant system responsible for the removal of peroxides generated during metabolism. It is essential for well-functioning immune and reproductive systems.



• It promotes the adsorption of multiple mycotoxins in the field, such as: deoxynivalenol (DON, also known as vomitoxin), zearalenone (ZEN), fumonisins (FUM), ochratoxin (OT), aflatoxins (AF), and other trichothecenes such as T-2 toxin;
• It has immunomodulatory effect because of the complex structure of 1,3-1,6-β-glucans;
• It contains elements that help maintain the intestinal health;
• It acts as liver protectant due to the presence of silymarin;
• It has antioxidant properties due to its organic selenium content, which can have a positive effect on the performance of the animals.




Use according to the instructions of the technician responsible or as suggested below:
• From 0.5 to 2 kg/ton of feed.
Additives should be mixed with feed before use in order to ensure a homogeneous blend of the final product.


Packaging of 25 kg

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