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YES-ACTIVE HORSE PREMIUM is an equine supplement composed of organic minerals (chelated amino acids and proteinates), rice bran (gamma oryzanol) and vitamin E.

It is indicated for all stages of horses, especially those under conditions of medium and intense work, as well as in preparation for exhibition, sale and competition.


• It improves the immune system;

• It is a safe and doping-free energy source;

• It not only has positive effects on growth and anemia, but also is used to treat brain and uterine cervix diseases, thanks to its contents of vitamin E. It is also serves as an adjunct therapy in circulatory disorders;

• It improves horse’s performance in competitions, keeping it at a maximum level for longer;

• It provides protection against oxidative stress on muscle cells during intense exercise;

• It promotes muscle mass gain and faster recovery time.


• Calcium amino acid chelate (minimum-maximum) 20.00 g/kg to 22.00 g/kg
• Copper amino acid chelate (minimum) 100.00 mg/kg
• Chromium-yeast (minimum) 1,008.00 mg/kg
• Iron amino acid chelate (minimum) 600.00 mg/kg
• Selenium-yeast (minimum) 12.50 mg/kg
• Zinc amino acid chelate (minimum) 300.00 mg/kg
• Vitamin E (minimum) 800.00 IU/kg
• Crude protein (minimum) 250.00g/kg




Use according to the instructions of the technician responsible or as suggested below:
• From 250 to 500 g per animal/day, for all stages.
Additives should be mixed with feed before use in order to ensure a homogeneous blend of the final product.


Packaging of 25 kg

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